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Please recommend a good RN-BSN program

  1. 0 I hold an ADN, currently working as staff RN in a nursing home in NJ. Looking for a RN-BSN program. Anybody can recommend a good one, not online though, I tend to do terrible with on-line courses.

    thanks a million!
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    Monmouth University in Long Branch, Stockton in Pomona, Kean in Union (with classes also in Toms River), I believe Rutgers has a RN-BSN and Jersey City State University. You didn't say if you are North, Central or Southern NJ. Stockton is a state school. Monmouth is big $$$ as it is a private university but a good program. You could also try posting in the NJ forums for more specific info for NJ.
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    Check out Ohio University. They have a really great online option - I'm looking into it ASAP.
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    I'm in the North NJ. I'm willing to relocate in the country for good schooling if there is a need.

    Because when I graduated, I had such a hard time finding a job. And because I only have an ASN, I could not get into a hospital after several years working at a nursing home. But I don't want to get stuck in nursing homes forever.

    I think I'd better get serious this time and go to a big-named school if I can get into. But seems these big-name schools close by, like Columbia, John Hopkins, Yale, all either have 2nd degree accelerated BSN or BS-MSN entry to practice. In my case, though I have a BS and MS degree in a non-nursing field, but I already have RN license, and I don't want to go to MSN at this time. Not so many to look for for me.