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Ok so January of coming fast and furious, why can't time just slow down. During my prerequisites I found that I had a hard time concentrating at home, kids, spouse,tv, interruptions and NOISE! arhhh. Now that I got accepted I'd... Read More

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    Thanks winterlights08...I love Yanni, he actually is my favorite modern composer, been a while since I listened to him. Maybe time to make a collection and get some good headphones to block out the outside world
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    I also am planning "myspace" before the semester starts. I've done some trial and error the past couple of the semesters, and I've found a couple of helpful things. I have scented pillar candles next to my desk. I light them and I don't know about you, but candlelight relaxes me. I have a floor heater in my office and I have a throw blanket that I keep on the back of my desk chair-I cannot concentrate when I'm freezing. I keep bags of Werthers Originals hard candy to eat while I'm studying-they help me concentrate and then I also take them to the test with me. I keep Pandora on the classical radio station on low while I'm studying for background noise. I go in my office, close the door, and leave my cell phone outside so I won't be tempted. My walls were painted a light blue/gray, so nothing bright or distracting. I made sure it was homey and comfortable, and a place I would want to spend a long period of time in. I even went so far as to buy one of those relaxing small fountains that run water. I discovered that the motor is much louder than the relaxing sound of running water. That did not help at all.
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    I'm through my first semester of nursing school and really struggled with my "space". During pre reqs, hubby made me an office space in our bedroom. I could close the door and work in there. But, the desk was too small to have the laptop and all my powerpoints and a book. So, I moved down to the dining room during this semester. It's a formal dining room that we rarely use, but it's in the very middle of an open floorplan house. I have a 13 year old and a dog, but no little ones.

    It got noisy at times, especially when son and hubby would start dinner. I learned to study around their schedules. I had 1-2 days each week where hubby was at work, my son was at school, and I was free to study. If the house was super quiet, I could get some work done. But, I would start looking around and see how dirty the house was and get distracted. I'd go off to clean something, come back, get distracted again, and so on and so on.

    I can't justify driving the 30 minutes to campus to study and the library isn't a place I enjoy, so I have a new plan this year. On my study days, I'm going to quickly clean the house at least on the floor I can see. Get it out of the way, and get down to business. I hope it works.

    I hope you can find a plan that's better than studying in the car. I don't know what, but that would drive me crazy. Of course, your car may be more comfortable than mine.
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    I bought a desk, a desk lamp, and got everything organized. I then learned that I can't study at home. I'm not married, I don't have kids, but I just get too distracted. I have downloaded a noise maker app on my phone so I go to the library, put my head phones in, and turn on my noise maker. Everyone is different but I just don't do well studying at home.

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