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PICO question help

  1. 0 Can anyone check my PICO question. Please give me feeback. Should I change anything?

    In patients with hypertension, is meditation as good as medications in controlling the incidence high blood pressure levels?

    P: Patients with hypertension
    I: Medications
    C: Meditation
    O: Controlling blood pressure levels

    I'm more concerned about meditation controlling blood pressure levels rather than its symptoms. Please let me know what you think about it.

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    In adult patients with hypertension, is meditation effective, in comparison to antihypertnesive medication, in reducing elevated blood pressure?
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    Good question tweak it to read
    In Patients with hypertension (P) is meditation (I) vs taking medication (C) as effective in controlling hypertension levels(O)?

    Do you have a time period you are looking at results? If so tag it on the end.
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    Also looking for PICO help. My initial thoughts were preventing overdose of opioids by using pain contracts, family education, starting a screening tool to help identify those at high risk for misuse and overdose, and possibly using intranasal narcan if needed. Please help me come up with question