Peds/OB exam HELP!!

  1. I was wondering if anybody knew of any ONLINE practice test questions that I might could use in order to study my Peds/OB exam I have coming up. I don't have any CD's so any online resources that you may know of would be greatly appreciated and helpfull.

    Thanks and GOOD LUCK to everyone during finals!
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  3. by   javamom
    I found this one that is a crossword type quiz. It was under the subheading of peds.

    One thing I do a lot, is look up the author of my book on the net or see if they have an organizational website that can be helpful.

    Hope that helps some
  4. by   emily_mom
    I like, but I don't remember what they all have on there. I also use the website above. Does your book come w/ a CD? Those are sometimes helpful...

  5. by   BranRN
    Thanks for you help.....I'll let yall know how it goes.