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  1. 1 I passed my final and class! Officially 16 more weeks between me and Success! I'm so happy!
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    Congrats! I am down to 16 weeks as well!! May 4th can't come fast enough!!
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    Couldn't agree more! I believe I take my final on May 8th, graduate May 10th! Congrats to you as well!!
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    Congrats!!!! I have OB/peds next semester. The instructor already gave us the reading assignments for it. I heard this section can be brutal!!!
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    I will be honest, it was the worst semester! I barely made it. I cried when she said I passed! If I can do it, anyone can
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    I plan on taking a week off and hitting the OB book hard before next semester starts. I'm kind of glad we have the chance to get a head start on it Enjoy the holidays!
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    I am in OB/PEDS in the Spring and can you tell me what make this class so difficult, so I can start preparing my mind
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    Congrats! I just passed those 2 as well! That was the hardest semester ever. I'm glad it's behind me. YAY for 16 weeks!!!!! I am in the same boat. we can do it!!!
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    Congrats same here and the irony is the class I passed (with an 92%) was with a terrible professor with a horrible reputation. I got a 90% on the final exam (praise God) because I barely studied for it and the sad part is I don't feel I retained any information or really enhanced my knowledge based on who taught me

    As for OB (Women's Health Nursing) this class I learned so much from and really enjoyed. I was disappointed because I got A's in my other two classes and a B+ literally an 89.32% with a 93% on the final

    Tough semester

    Congrats again to you and God bless you on your journey

    I have two more semesters to go before graduation
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    I thought PEDS was simple. It doesn't hurt to actually like this. To me, this was med surg for little people. You're learning what specific cardio, respiratory, renal, infectious diseases are common among kids. Also developmentally appropriate care for the child and their family is important. You can't speak to a child like you would an adult and you can't treat the child and act like the family isn't there.

    OB, now that was a bit more complicated. A lot of new concepts and assessments to be learned for an OB patient.

    Quote from Cuteypie504
    I am in OB/PEDS in the Spring and can you tell me what make this class so difficult, so I can start preparing my mind