Passing Med/Surg 2 So happy!!!!

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    This semester has truly kicked my booty! The others were hard, but nothing, I mean nothing, compared to this. I've spent nearly 40-50 hrs a week, mind you, not including class or clinical, studying. I have a new found respect for what nurses know. My professor is excellent and she has taught us so much. I have missed so many outings and time together with my family, which was really hard, but I'm passing!! I feel like I haven't seen my children since August, but this has been well worth it and it's almost over. I'll be seeing the sun again after Thursday and I'm so happy! I feel so accomplished! Love you all.
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    That's fantastic! Glad you survived and I hope you enjoy your family time over the break!
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    Congrats! I start med surg in January. Everyone says it is the hardest semester! Hopefully it won't be that bad...
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    Congratulations! I start Med Surg in January. Everyone at my school says Med-Surg is the calmest semester because its science and more time is spent on the individual systems and you aren't focused on learning so many different foundations of nursing. It is challenging, don't get me wrong, but manageable! I sure hope so!
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    Congrats! I just finished Med-surg 2 in October and it was brutal! It's a great feeling to be done. Enjoy yourself!!!
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    Hi I am starting medsurge in january too, when you say brutal, how brutal
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    Brutal as in difficult and relentless. We had 2 patients in clinical so we had to do 2 care plans every week. The material is more comprehensive and it comes at you faster. It took a lot just to stay on top of everything. But I made it through, as did most of my classmates. Don't stress over it now. Just take it one day (one hour? one minute?) at a time.

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