Oriented X4

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    what does the x4 mean?

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    Person, place, time and situation. Some facilities only do 3X and some 4X...situation is the extra one.
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    Patient is aware of:

    1. What their name is
    2. Where they are
    3. What time it is
    4. What just happened/is happening

    We just usually use x3
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    It's a good question... for some people, A&O x 3 would indicate a completely normal orientation, while for some A&O x 3 means they aren't oriented to event. Sometimes have to rely on context or, ideally, stop and clarify.
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    in NY it is x3 person place and time
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    You see EMTs/Paramedics use the A&O x 4 the most it is very helpful right after accidents...ie. Do you remember what just happened? A lot of people will remember everything else but will have a temporary loss of memory at the time of accident.

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