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Is it just me, or am I crazy? I'm in nursing school right now and I have NOOO desire to work in a hospital. None. Is this normal? I feel weird for wanting to be a nurse but hating the hospital...... Read More

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    I don't think it's abnormal. I already know I will not work in a nursing home, in an OB or peds unit, or on a generic medical-surgical floor when I finish. If those are the only jobs available I'm going back to patrol, and I'll stick my nurse papers in a drawer with my other diplomas and certificates. Forget that nonsense.

    Everyone is different. It's your life. Do what you want to do with it to be happy.

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    so there are two of us out there!
    During the interview for the university program they asked what kind of nurse i was interested in becomming, and without blinknig I said Geriatrics. As it turned out, the professor that teaches Gerontology was in my interview, and remembered my name the first time raised my hand in class to ask a question!
    My classmates think I'm mental to want to deal with the the elderly, all heads turn in my direction whenever we talk in class about urinary incontenence, bowel disimpaction (english is not the language which I learn med terms so forgive the spelling) an so on... everyone else is interested in OB, surgery, ER, ICU, neurosurgery--- basicaly everything but geriatrics.
    Geriatrics is the future of medicine! the sooner ppl realise that the less resistant they'll be to treating these patients.
    I'm just hoping to make it through the next 2 years (I'm at the end of year 2) without being talked out of it.
    Also, I'm worried about the heartache that kind of nursing may cause--- as I'm a very sensitive person.
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    I admit, I was miserable in long term care clinicals and now I might be forced to do my preceptorship there. BUT It wasn't the patients that made me miserable. It was the environment. It was the first time I had ever been into a LTC facility and I was just shocked and appalled by what I saw. Apparently I was in one of the "good" facilities too. I left those clinicals and told my kids if they every put me in a nursing home I would take them out of my will. :|
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    I don't have that calling for Geriatrics, but I am with you on NOT wanting to be in the hospital. When I first got into nursing, that is all I could think about - working in the hospital. Now, I have no desire whatsoever. I am hospital bitter, just after clinicals. LOL! I can't imagine working in one right now. Maybe my opinions will change?

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