Older Nursing students

  1. I am finishing up pre-reqs and applying to an RN program for the fall - I wonder how many of you are out there that are non traditional nursing students - I have a feeling I may be the oldest nursing student on this site.
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  3. by   Justanotherday
    Hi! I am taking my first prereq right now and am 42 years old. I was pleasantly surprised that there were 3 other women in my class who were there to pursue nursing and were my age and older. I will be 44 when I go into the nursing program, as I am only planning on one prereq per semester.
  4. by   Kat2012
    Hi Marie!
    I'm an "older" nursing student, I suppose... I will graduate in 2012 (if all goes to plan!) and I will be 34 then. I have three children, and they are just now old enough where time permits me to go back to work and not have to pay my entire salary to their daycare. LOL!!
  5. by   MarieD
    Thanks for the quick reply - I commend you, it is difficult to go to school and care for three children. Mine are all grown and on their own.
  6. by   Kat2012
    Don't commend me yet! I have been slowly working my way thru my prereqs and it has been a huge adjustment for our family, but I got all of them finished up. I start my RN program at Queens University here in Charlotte this coming Wednesday! Hoping nursing school won't completely destroy my family.
  7. by   NamasteNurse
    So how old is "old"? you think you are the oldest on the site but don't say...I'm 52..just graduated last Thursday. Top of my class besides!
  8. by   nablond
    I am 47 and thought I would be the oldest in my class but there were students older than me, one 55, one 65 just for an example but many others. Quite a few in their 40's.
  9. by   Kat2012
    Quote from New in NY
    So how old is "old"? you think you are the oldest on the site but don't say...I'm 52..just graduated last Thursday. Top of my class besides!
    Woo hoo! Congrats!
  10. by   MarieD
    I am 65 - once I enter the program I should have my RN in a year and a half if all goes well
  11. by   CuriousMe
    I'm 40, and my class has about 50 students. I'm in my second year of three, in a BS nursing program, not even close to the oldest student and the majority of my class is closer to my age than to a "traditional college student."
  12. by   butterfly journey
    I'm 40 and am just now entering my two year BSN degree (3rd degree for me that is). I have a couple of friends that are older than me, one by at least 10 years. Since you didn't say how old you were, by the looks of all these responses unless you have one foot in the grave, it looks like you'll fit right in
  13. by   Kringe38
    I'm in a 2-year program and will be 41 when I graduate (hopefully) in 2011. There are definitely a lot of whipper-snappers in my class but also plenty close to my age and a few older. I'm not sure which of us is the oldest in our class, but it ain't me.
  14. by   Anne36
    I will be 39 when I apply to the LPN program and in my 40's when and if I bridge to the RN program.