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Hi everyone, this is a great forum, I have been lurking for a couple months now! I just have a few questions and need some advice of where I should go from here. Long story short, I want to get my RN... Read More

  1. by   Mandie-SRN
    From my experience when i was apllying to nursing schools, they basically just looked at my named and GPA from the required courses. I am out in southern california though im not sure where you are at. I think that programs are looking for students with a high GPA and thats it.

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  2. by   Veganmom
    I'm not sure if they have a program available like this where you live, but in Texas there is a Fresh Start Program. It allows you have the option to not include your classes that are older than 10 years old. If you take that option, none of your classes during that period count towards your credits or GPA. During the informational session at one of the nursing schools, it was explained that they do take into consideration that many students have difficulties when entering college for the first time and the later higher grades are given more weight.
  3. by   HouTx
    Actually, I think the OP's situation is not at all unusual. In fact, I have heard of more than one university that provides students with the option of declaring "academic bankruptcy" which wipes out all their previous (horrible) records - LOL. I think this is a great idea for any of us who look back on our mis-spent youths.