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Hello everyone I will start my nursing program in January and I was wondering which textbooks I should buy and which should I rent. Some of the courses I will take are: 1. Intro to Nursing Profession I 2. Intro to Nursing... Read More

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    I kept all of my books and reference them from time to time for school now (working on my masters)

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    I bought all mine and use them now as a refference.
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    I buy as many of them used (but in "like new" condition) as I can to save money, because I like to highlight and write in my books versus taking notes. Some of my books were used for multiple semesters so it was still cheaper to buy them than to rent them multiple times. Our nursing school has a Facebook group where people sell books and supplies for cheap to other students.
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    Dear Idani, First of all, congratulations for choosing the most noblest profession. I wish you all the best with your academic accomplishment.
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    I bought all my nursing school books. I also bought additional texts to supplement (Richard Lehne's pharmacology text is excellent).

    I used many NCLEX books. My favorite was Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN by Hogan.
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    Dear Idani,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for choosing the most noblest profession. I wish you all the best with your academic accomplishment. I am not implying that you do what I am doing but just wanted to share with you. Most text-books are atleast 2-3 years old; and as you know, medical knowledge (just like in any other field) is evolving at exponential rate. I never buy text-books but create folders on my PC for each subject/topic using the internet. There is a plethora of sites which will offer you free access and all the information with a click of the mouse. Besides that, most exam papers are designed based upon the latest knowledge. But like I said before, this is what I do but you can buy books if it makes you feel more confident and organized.
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    Thank you!

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