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It takes a lot of determination and heart to finish nursing school. It's not for everyone. How do I toughen up? How do I keep from giving up? How do I stop from crying? These are questions that new nursing students ask... Read More

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    It will be extremely hard but so rewarding when you graduate. You will have many moments where you will ask yourself if this is what you really want. But you will also have moments when you make a patient feel better or even smile and realize it is all worth it. Form a study group and be there to motivate each other. Study as much as you can and become bff with coffee! You can do it

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    I'm overwhelmed and stressed from my pharmacology class alone. I've been getting tension headaches everyday and I was starting to question weather or not I'm cut out for this. I still come to the same conclusion though, that this is something I HAVE to accomplish bcs I'm doing this not just for myself, but for my kids too.
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    Sounds bad, but tell your family "See you in two years."

    You need to be selfish now (time spent with books and not family), but in the long run you will be able to give back soo much more!
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    Nursing school is crazy hard!

    I do have a family and a job on the side but what makes the day count is knowing what we will be doing as nurses in the end!

    For all the people getting discouraged please don't let yourself fall short. This is a hard profession. Not only do we have to know the medical aspect we must also learn to communicate with patients of all difference types AND to prioritize. I mean, it's crazy! We are almost there and we will make it in the end!

    Class of 2014! Lol
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    Not to mention what we are doing for our children as well. What a great role model a nurse is!
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    Best advice .... Learn how to take constructive Critisim . Period . Is a though field and not everyone is nice and welcoming out there .And .... Always ask questions if unsure of something . Never do anything unsafe and always learn from your mistakes that's how u thoughen up .
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    I was "lucky" enough in high school that I never really needed to actually study - just read the passage and could get good grades. Now I don't know how to study or pace myself! I almost died cramming last semester. I hated myself for it, but I couldn't get out of the rut! No fun.
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    Omg, too funny!

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