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Hi everybody, I am struggling in my advanced med-surge clnical rotation. Although I am a really compassionate and meticulous person, I don't do well under pressure and with lots of things to... Read More

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    Aw, that's unfortunate. I will try to get to 15 posts, but since I am afraid that I would not get to fifteen in time, could you please email me your message to I would greatly, greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for your time and help!!

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    I have had ADHD since almost 30...I tried Adderal and wellbutrin during nursing school and they did not work for me. The adderal made me feel like I was on crack and my jaw hurt all the time and the Wellbutrin did nothing at havent tried sny more just gotta just center your energy and use it to your advantage...
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    Yes, I have done this. In fact, I am pretty efficient when it comes to the hands-on stuff, such as skills and medication giving. My problem is my MIND-I just get to lost in the fog!
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    I have taken medication: Ritalin and Adderall. Ritalin used to work veeeerrrryyyyyyyyyyy verrrryyyy well for me...when I was 18. Then when I started to take it again a few years later, it stopped working! My doctor said that my metabolism must have changed for its therapeutic effect to go awry. !

    I do have a timesheet, and it helps...but my timesheet is so messy! It helps a little, but it doesn't solve the problem. Though, I am working on revamping my timesheet to make it a bit neater, like switching from pen to pencil (my 1st clinical instructor didn't let us write in pencil, so it became a habit). Even though I could organize on paper, I just feel like I could be unsafe and frantic with my mind being all cloudy. I wish that there was a solution to that...
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    Thank you!
    How about when you are WITHIN one of those tasks? Like doing an assessment? I know that you don't have ADD, but sometimes I get lost in doing something like that haha. I end up hyperfocusing.

    Have you found other ways to control the clutter? Are you still disorganized or are you now organized since you've made yourself a timeline?
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    My jaw began to hurt with Adderall too! I found myself clenching my teeth in my sleep!
    What did you do to get through nursing school, especially med-surge? How did you manage the chaos outside and inside of your mind?
    Did you find anything else that helped you with your ADD and clinical?

    Most of the stuff that I've looked up about ADD students and nursing school regard test taking and in-the-classroom solutions...but clinical is real life, and there's no sugar coating the workload there.
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    I feel like I may be incompetent because I will find myself not being able to apply the theory knowledge to the clinical setting. I will not be able to connect point A to point B. It's like I just become dumb and clueless.
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    Adderall 30 mg XR. I'm 21 now been on it since 4th grade - and I have ADHD. Works wonders
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    Meds work different for everyone. ..hummm...well honestly I had to learn not to get bogged down by the useless info like percentages..I learned to focus on what the prudent nurse would do rather than how many chapters I was supposed to read. If I did not pick up the material in lecture then I would go to the text and also to pick out little things that wasnt mentioned in class such as breakfast choices for the HD pt. A lot of my teachers adk a few questions outta the reading that they didnt go into detail in clasd on. Also..if you truely understsmd the patho of whats makes it easier to remember the interventions. Its really all CONCEPTUAL...if you can think in concepts it will b easier...but the biggest reason ive done good is because Ive been a nursing assistant for 9 years, 6 in the hospitals. .so I have observed and learned A TON!!! I suggest every nursing student work at least per diem/prn..the exposure to the nursing process is invaluable
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    Also..check with your instructors..its law that schools have to offer YOU alternative test taking options such as a private room and more time

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