Nursing school preparation - downsizing

  1. Many are about to start nursing school - they are clueless and unprepared. For those who are prepared this will be a productive year. For new students, do your research - make sure you are prepared. The more you know - the better experience you will have.

    Please provide any tips below that may help out a new student?

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  3. by   FinallyMine
    I knew going back to school was going to be a huge challenge. I am a single mom with no savings or family support. So, I spent the year before school grooming my friends to become my family network. Told people I was going to take them up on their random offers of help.,,and I do! I had my daughter get used to playing with my friends kids and spending time with them.
    Now they are invaluable if I have an early morning clinical before Day Care opens.

    I also ditched as much debt as I could. I settled out of 3 credit cards and paid off my used car loan. I already lived very frugally as I wasn't earning enough money to do otherwise. I will keep my small apartment and old car. I have paid off semester long chunks of car insurance, utilities and other things as soon as my loan dispersements came in so I didn't spend that money on other things here and there.

    I advertise to my friends and family whenever my daughter has grown another size and solicit hand me downs.

    I also told my friends that they need to call me if they want to see me any time in the next 3 years!