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    Every one thought I couldn't make it, I was scared going in.... But had a blast throughout the program
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    I got my acceptance letter today! I opened the packet and literally jumped off the couch and tackled my children that were playing on the floor in front of me. Im a single mother of 3 kids and about 8 months pregnant with my 4th. I studied my butt off for my PSB-NAT and took a pay cut and switched to a different job to allow schedule flexibility for the program and clinicals. I already have an AA premed and an AS in histologic technologies so all of my pre reqs and gen eds are completed. This was my first attempt at applying to the program and everyone I knew had been wait listed. I cried and my kids thought I was nuts. My seven year old son just smiled and said, "I knew u would mommy." I called everyone I could think of, posted it to my facebook, and even called my ex mother in law lol. Im still elated
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    I applied at two schools. I got a skiny letter from one school, and it was a denial. I missed it by just a few points. I cried for a few minutes and decided there would be no more tears. A few weeks later I knew what day the second schools letter was coming and I was stalking the mail man. I was 95% sure I wasn't getting in, because I made a 92 on the entrance exam and had heard a rumor that you don't get in unless you make 94 or higher. Well me letter was thick. I opened it in the driveway and read the first sentence!! I screamed and ran inside to tell my husband!! I got the letter in July and I start in January. I'm beyond excited but now that its getting closer I am so scared/nervous!

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