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    I was on the alternate list...number 35. So I didn't expect to get in at all. I was 9 months pregnant and taking a nap. I barely got to sleep when my phone rang. I was cranky didn't want to answer, but decided to thinking it was something about the baby or pregnancy. Then she said she was with the school and I was immediately awake and smiling. She told me a spot opened up for the fall and I was next, or I got accepted for spring semester. I took the fall one. I was giddy for all of 2 minutes when the hospital called telling me I had to go in the next morning to be induced. Needless to say I called my husband in a whirl wind of emotion. And here I am with a 4 week old starting school in a week. But I am so excited!!!
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    I kind of just froze with this look on my face . I sat there for about five whole minutes, til i finally ran up to my dad to show him the email, he hugged the crap out of me. Then I rushed to print it out, jumped in my car and drove to my mom, who was at her friend's house, and we mutually started silent screaming and jumping around. So great :'D Today was my first day, and I am now getting started on the massive pile of homework I have... and, it. Feels. So. Good.
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    I am still taking my pre-req's, but I can't even begin to tell all of you how much I enjoyed reading all your post about getting into nursing school. Sometimes when I come to this website I get anxious or scared with some of the negative posts. This one was great, and much needed this morning. Congrats to all of you.
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    Hello, my name is Kiera, and I am in Nurses Aide Training, and is looking for great resouces and preparation for the TEAS Test. I would like to know the best ways to study, what to expect, and etc.
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    I had been joking with two of my friends, who had also applied, that it had better not be a little letter, we wanted the big, thick envelope. When I got the mail there was this little envelope with what looked like one piece of paper. I freaked out! I waited for about 10 minutes before I opened it. It said Congratulations you have been accepted, we will be contacting you via e-mail with the rest of your paperwork. I started last week!
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    I had been denied once but when I open the letter I muttered to my mom that I got in then just started crying I wasn't able to talk for like ten minutes. One of the best moments of my life.
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    Too true! If there had been a fan above me when I got my letter, the scene would have been quite similar!
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    I got my acceptance letter last Wednesday. My mom had texted me that my letter had arrived and I immediately left my apartment to head over. The whole way there I had a million thoughts racing through my mind, such as: what if I didn't get in? I didn't get in. Will I survive if I get in?- it was the most nauseating moment. When I got there I picked up the letter (I noticed it was thick and that was a good indicator) and said to my mom: "Ok, moment of truth." I ripped open the letter and the first thing I read was "Congratulations!!" I screamed so loud, threw my my letters in the air, jumped up and down and screamed "I GOT IN! I GOT IN!" and then I started crying. My poor brother was taking a nap and bolted down the stairs freaking out because he thought someone was robbing us when he heard me screaming. lol It was honestly the best day of my entire life. I was never a good student and even flunked out of my sophomore year of college but I soon learned that it wasn't because I wasn't smart, I just wasn't applying myself. Over the last year I have busted my butt and raised my GPA from a 1.2 to a 3.5. I also discovered that my financial aid was getting revoked soon so something needed to happen fast. The moment I read that letter was incredible. I have never been happier. This is what I'm meant to do. For all of those who got in: Congratulations! For those who are trying to get in: It's rough but STUDY and READ! For those who didn't get in: DON'T give up! My friend is about to graduate nursing school and it took her two tries to get in and I am 100% certain that she will make an amazing nurse.
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    I got my letter on Friday the 13th (of Jan. 2012). It was my last chance to apply for the program that I not only worked my butt off for but also it was my last chance to stay at the university I wanted (I would have had to go to the tech school across the street to get my associates and then come back to the university to get my bachelors, wayy more work and time). When I got the letter my hands were shaking SO hard. I sprinted up my drive way and ripped it open the second I got in the door. I started sobbing when I saw the congratulations. So much stress and worrying was finally over. I called my mom at work and she must have thought I was crazy I was crying so much! Getting in was the biggest relief ever and I am so excited to be in my first semester!
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    Lol, that was me yesterday! Although, I screamed as if I was being murdered, and my animals looked at me like i was nuts.

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