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    So you've finished nursing school (or in the middle of your course) and you're starting as a nurse be it in a hospital or nursing home; wherever. I'm sure you've came across a book or two that you couldn't have survived without, or that you turn to on a daily basis.

    What books would you recommend to us student nurses and also nurses in practice. It can be anything from books with thousands of pages to those pocket survival books.

    I'm starting my course in a couple of months and I've already started to read up on anatomy and physiology, and medical maths; anything that can help me along the way to becoming a better student/nurse.

    Anything you contribute will go along way in helping the student and practicing nurse - even just one book will do.
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    I love chicken soup for the nurses soul. There's plenty of texts and reference books but none that I couldn't live with out (I've been w nurse too long maybe). I know to look at the hospitals provided resources. But chicken soup for the nurses soup will inspire you and help you be a better nurse.
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    I like to visit the nursing section in the various bookstores and browse through their books. If something really catches my eye, I will buy it.

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