Nursing diagnosis/Nursing process

  1. I need a little encouragement , and to vent a little.
    I'm in a traditional RN program, and I'm a LPN. One of my instructors put down LPN's I'm not sure if she means it or not.
    She says stuff like LPNs can't think like a RN , it's to hard to change the thinking of an LPN.

    So now I'm panic stricken that I can't "change " my thinking, I guess it's because I don't think, I'm thinking wrong.

    I understand the nursing process
    Intervention/ implementation

    I think I get a little nervous about the whole nursing diagnosis
    Signs and symptoms

    Will I do it right? Will my teaches judge me?

    So now I have a mental block
    I have my NANDA book, fundamentals.

    Can I get some advise? Suggestions a hug ?

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  3. by   donk
    I would think that if anything you have a leg up!! You already understand the processes and that gives you a strong foundation to build off of. Use you're current knowledge as a strength to help you through this!! You made it through school for an LPN and now this is the next step in your career! You can do this!!
  4. by   Kimynurse
    Thank you
    I try and keep an open mind,and act as a sponge for new knowledge.

    I've only been a LPN for 3 years.

    I think being a LPN helps,but for testing it's hard because you need to answer the way they want.

    I went the LPN route for a number of reasons one of which was to make sure this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and I found out being a nurse is my passion.
  5. by   HouTx
    That's great! I know it seems that we've added unnecessary confusion but there is actually a reason for all that fol-de-rol. Our scope of practice is focused on the person's reaction to illness/disease - NOT the disease itself. So, N DX first lists the manifestation (problem) that the person is experiencing - then, we include the disease/illness (due to) and just to wrap it up, we list the specifics -- (as evidenced by). That last part is what drives our nursing interventions... we do stuff to relieve the problem or prevent it from getting any worse or developing in the first place, if it is only a potential problem.

    Yeah, it's still pretty confusing.
  6. by   Kimynurse
    Thank you
    I'm going to study,think and apply