New nursing student mom - page 3

Hello all! So I start the nursing program the second week of Janurary and am working a list of meals to prepare. Any suggestions or tips for feeding the family while keeping some sanity with... Read More

  1. by   Chance010507
    YouTube and Pinterest! Do some freezer meals where you take a lot of stuff and portion it out on Sundays then add the seasonings and such and freeze it. When you want it just dump in the crock pot turn it on and by dinner time you just microwave some sides, minute rice, or noodles and bam fully home cooked meal every night of the week.

    I have invested in a Sams Club membership and purchase in bulk. I also cook extra a few times a week so we have leftovers. I like ShesInHerApron on youtube.

    I like spaghetti too. I always cook too much so the next day I take the leftovers and add more cheese and bake it to a spaghetti pie.
  2. by   emily34812
    Not a mom, but I nursing student that works a full time job on the side. I find that crock pot soups and casseroles and lasagnas can be your BFF as you can make them in larger quantities then freeze/refrigerate them and defrost during the week. Another good option are frozen veggies like those that are in the steamer bags. Another quick meal that reheats pretty well are lasagna rollups. I LOVE them and they are super yummy and can be made with tons of different ingredients. Meal prepping/planning is your friend and totally takes the pressure off.
  3. by   perfectohno
    Everyone, thank you so much for all your input. I feel a little better about getting food arranged while going through the program. I start my orientation Monday then we start diving in! Thanks again and best of luck to all already in or starting soon