Nervousness at clinical.

  1. At clinical, I always get very nervous and shaky before starting an IV, inserting a catheter, giving a shot, or anything like that. I know how to do the procedures but the nerves and shakiness mess me up every time! Does anybody else have this problem? Will it go away with experience?
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  3. by   EDRN1091
    I think it will go away with time. I used to get very shaky before giving IM or SQ injections, but after giving hundreds during a couple of flu clinics we ran, it dissipated. This semester I got a little shaky before giving an IM to a psychotic patient (first time in my practicum setting) but I feel very confident in my area now and I have such supportive preceptors that I'm not as nervous. It will pass with time
  4. by   lovinlife11
    I had the same problem. I finally had to tell myself that nobody was watching and made myself concentrate fully in the task at hand. Silly, I know, but it worked.