NEED INFO: ADN school not accredited yet, ADN-BSN schools that will accept still?

  1. Here it is as we have been hearing it from our Dean of Nursing. Looking for people who I can reach out to that have been in this situation as I am told, by our Dean, that it is what every school has to go through when starting a new Nursing program.

    My school is not yet accredited as my class is the first to go through the program for our campus. Rasmussen College is accredited in other states, but is new to Wisconsin (Green Bay campus applies for their accreditation this upcoming month as its their first group graduating, and Wausau will be able to apply in June). We initially were told that once Green Bay is accredited we will be as well, but since have found out that, because each school has it's own Dean of Nursing they have to be accredited seperatly. Everyone in my class is concerned as we wish to continue with our education immediately, but are having issues with school's saying they won't be able to accept us since our school is not yet accredited. Our Dean is informing us that there are schools that will accept us as long as we have passed our NCLEX and our school has applied for the process (which we were told that it takes 18 months to get after applied!!). We also were told that every school goes through this when starting a new Nursing program, so my question for you is, are there schools you are aware of that will accept us as ADN-BSN'S since our school will be applying as soon as we graduate (June 2013), and has anyone else gone through these issues (as our Dean is making it sound like not a big deal)? Any information or direction I should take would help me and my classmates out tremendously!
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  3. by   ErikaMarie
    I'm not sure this will help but there is a local school here that is not accredited but is turning over lots of dental assistant graduates. A friend of mine advise me that she applied for her certification after spending upwards of 15-20k for school and they wouldn't let her apply without a year & a half's worth of full time unpaid internship to make up for the lack of accreditation. Basically her school (Kaplan) lied through its teeth to get enrollments & I've read articles about other locations doing the same thing. They WANT you to enroll and therefore cannot be trusted.

    In short, be weary of any program that is not accredited. I wouldn't even waste my time.

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  4. by   BlueVanilla
    Are you able to take the NCLEX, or is that what you were saying takes 18 months to apply for? Because if you can take the NCLEX then you can relax a little.......finish your ADN, work a little then go back for your BSN. Maybe by then they will have accreditation through NLNAC which takes something like 2 years once they have candidacy. You can check on the NLNAC website to check if they are in their candidacy or not. Another thing to do is call a major university and speak with someone about transferring credits. Personally, I know what you are going through and the proper amount of research is a must when you are considering spending that kind of money. I will be starting in Oct down here in FL and I will be able to sit through the NCLEX and my school (the same as your school) is in the middle of their candidacy right now for NLNAC. Again, make sure you can take the NCLEX though, because if not then I would say no. If yes, then go for it
  5. by   WhitneyLemke
    We can sit for our NCLEX. Not planning on quiting the program as I can get my License and work, just am hoping to start the BSN sooner rather than later.
  6. by   BlueVanilla
    I would contact a school that you are interested in pursuing your BS in and ask them if they will accept your school.
  7. by   WhitneyLemke
    I have contacted local colleges and for me it doesn't matter as I am planning on finishing my schooling online, so am open to any school that can accept someone from a school that is in the process of accreditation.
  8. by   BlueVanilla
    Well if it helps, I do know someone that received their BS online in a different field than ours and then went on to be accepted into a major university for their Masters. Personally I think you will be fine, the pathway to an education is immensely different than it was 5-10 years ago. If your school is regionally accredited, which I know it is, than you shouldn't have any difficulty.
  9. by   LiLev
    I think if you do it online you will be able to find a school to accept you. Here where I live I think Kaplan students, for instance, can get accepted to the University of Phoenix but I don't have personal knowledge of this.