Need help w/ nursing diagnosis for c-cestoin pt Need help w/ nursing diagnosis for c-cestoin pt | allnurses

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Need help w/ nursing diagnosis for c-cestoin pt

  1. 0 HI I am new to this site and am finding it hard to get info on c-section pt's. I have a diagnosis being about breast feeding and wanted to do the other two on acute pain and immobility r/t pain, sciatica, but am having problems fiding enough interventions. Any suggestions?
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    I'm only a 1st semester nursing student so I can't really help you. But if you have any questions....I've had a c-section and have breastfed, lol....maybe I can kinda answer some questions.
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    To me a priority nursing dx for the first 24hours post c-section would be risk of hemorrhage. I dont know how far out your pt is, but just giving you an idea there. Now if say the epidural or spinal isnt wearing off then I could see it becoming more of an issue. Just my 2 cents ( just got out of a c-section this morning ha ha )