My friend got put on clinical probation:-(

  1. First of all, what does that mean? The reason she got put on clinical probation is because she asked the instructor during a meeting about how she could make up for an incomplete care plan. The instructor snapped saying that she couldn't talked about that in front of other students and called her "unprofessional" because I guess my friend got upset about it.
    I'm very worried about my friend because the instructor said she could be kicked out of the program and that the probation would be on her record until she graduates!
    What can she do? She already talked to the retention specialist and the program director, but they didn't really say much about how this is gonna get fixed.
    Please advise on what can she do to fix this because she is really upset about this and I really want to help her! Thanks!
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  3. by   Fireman767
    it really depends on the school. clinical probation here means they aren't proficient at something (like professionalism, skills, communication, etc), and must show correction by the end of the semester or face failing the clinical portion (which usually means failing the class as a whole). but i would check with the program director or someone who can give a definitive answer that can't be overriden by a professor.
  4. by   dayanara
    Thank you fireman! Yeah she already spoke to the program director but the issue is still inconclusive :-(
  5. by   Esme12
    I find retaliating to a question about a homework assignment asked in front of other students is unprofessional, petty and childish. Talk about a power trip....jeeze have to deal with this instructor. I say apologize as much as you can..have your friend find out about appeals processes.

    I wish your friend the best!
  6. by   dayanara
    Thank u Esme! Yes my friend still doesn't understand why the instructor reacted the way she did. Apparently she was having a bad week. I'll tell her about
  7. by   dayanara
    *finding out about appeals processes*