musculoskeletal: genu varum/genu valgum

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    this is what is explained:
    "Genu varum (bowleg) is presnt when a space of more than 2.5 cm is measured between the knees as the medial malleoli are held together."

    "Genu valgum means that more than 2.5 cm remains between the medial malleoli when the knees are held together."

    (genu valgum is knockknees - so where is 2.5 cm between the medial melleoli? I can see space below the knees)
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    My daughters have genu valgum. There is no space there like it is presented. BUT they do measure the angles of the bones to determine the severity of this. The treatment is to drive something like a little nail into the opposite growth plate to help the leg straighten out.
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