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Hi - I am a nursing student in my last semester of school in St. Louis, MO (BSN graduation in September). I have been a tech for a little over 1 year working for a major area hospital. Luckily I have landed a job in the unit... Read More

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    Why are you limiting yourself to hospitals when you apply for jobs? Apply to homecare, you make more and do half the work. Hospitals are nothing more than sweat shops. All of the nurses and doctors in my family avoid them like the plague.

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    When you start as a new employee in homecare, do they send a "trainer" out with you for a while, or are you just on your own?

    And you must generally supply your own transportation, is that right?
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    I am not sure about the training. I am pretty sure that when you start, someone goes along with you. In fact, I remmeber back when I was in high school, my mother was supervising a new RN who was just hired. And in regards to transportation, yes, you must supply your own. But you are generally reimbursed. But as long as you don't work per-diem, you do get paid for the time it takes to go from one patient to the next. If you are per-diem, you only get paid per visit, so your not being paid while traveling.
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    Alot of home health companies want their RN's to have experience before they hire least a years worth.

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