Military a good idea to get experience upon graduation? Military a good idea to get experience upon graduation? | allnurses

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Military a good idea to get experience upon graduation?

  1. 0 I am set on the ICU. I totally understand that it is very hard to land a position in the ICU as a new grad. I plan on applying to many hospitals and hopefully getting on some unit and then being able to transfer to ICU. At any rate, I am thinking if I join the Air Force or Navy there would be a decent chance of getting a job in the ICU. The pay won't be as good as where I live, but its only 3 years of service. However, I am wondering if getting into the ICU in the military as a new grad is just as hard as a civilian.
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    There's a topic titled 'Air Force Nursing 2013' and I suggest you read up on it. Here's a snippet regarding the scarcity of spots in the Air Force:
    Quote from BVFD 333
    This is per my recruiters answer for the 3 areas I am eligible to apply for.
    FY 13 Requirements for the USAF
    Clinical Nurse is 80
    Critical Care is 20
    Ed/Trauma is 14
    I'm set on joining the Air Force Reserve after I get some experience under my belt while obtaining my BSN. You must have BSN to enter the Air Force and I believe that goes for all of the other branches of military. My dream goal is to become a flight nurse.

    Anyway, there's tons of military nursing topics to search. It sounds like it is really tough competition, not a whole lot of spots, and quite a long wait to get in even if you're qualified. I would talk to a healthcare career recruiter in your area. I've yet to still talk to one myself. Good luck!
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    Yikes ok I'll check it out. I hear the Navy is upping its signing bonus. Maybe I'll try there...
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    As a warning, it can be pretty hard to get in. My fiancee is AF enlisted & his former recruiter was saying so many people are now trying to join (who have college degrees), that officer training school does not have enough spots. I would get in contact with a recruiter sooner rather than later since budget cuts are coming too! Even the AF Academy is going from 1400 in a class to just 1000.