Midterm and Final weight in your college?

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    I am curious to know what percent your midterm and final is worth in your college. I find it NUTS that my college is 60% of total grade.

    I got a "B" on my midterm and it dropped my grade 10%.

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    We don't have midterm exams. The Final exam is 20% of your grade, although you can earn exemption from the final by earning a 92% average on all of the exams.
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    In Med Surg 2, our final was worth 35%
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    My Fundamentals final is 30%, Assessment 25% and Patho is 25%.
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    In some of my classes, the final has been worth 30-40%. In others, it has not been weighted. I guess it depends on the instructors.
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    My schools goes by points, so not a percentage... if all test are 50 questions, each worth 1 point, our final would probably be 100 questions worth 100 points.
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    Our midterms tend to be worth 25-30% and our finals 30-40%. It puts a lot of emphasis on those two tests in order to do well in the classes!!
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    we don't have midterms, but our exams get progressively higher in weight as the semester goes on. So first is worth 13%, and then it goes up for each till the final is worth 29%.

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