Mental Health ATI and Leadership ATI

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    I was just wondering if anyone out there has taken either the Mental Health ATI proctored assessment and/or the Leadership and Management proctored assessment. With these exams upcoming, I was wondering if anyone could offer any direction to content that was found on these two exams. Thank you for your time.

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    I've taken the mental health ATI. It was the easiest ATI I had taken so far, and my whole class agrees. Do you have the ATI book? Pretty much covers the content. Offhand I just remember there were quite a few meds covered.

    good luck.
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    Thank you. Do u remeber any specific meds that should be given extra attention to? or, any questions that were particularly confusing or difficult. Thanks for your time
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    psych meds... amytriptaline.... dont worry about ...go over the non-proctered test the night before you will be fine
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    I am wondering if anyone has the topics for review for the ATI mental health. This book is pretty big on top of my other studies I just thought it might be easier.

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    I am also looking for help on my ATI mental health. does anyone have any info to share regarding the actual test.
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    I've taken 'em both.

    Mental health was very easy. I did read through the book beforehand but thought it was an easy 3. I agree with the previous poster who said it was the easiest (well, community health was THE easiest but this was #2) - and I've taken all but the comp.

    Leadership, on the other hand, was one of the very hardest, amazingly enough. That was mostly due to the fact that hardly any of the content in that little booklet was on the exam. I don't remember too much about it... I do remember several questions about delegation, a few questions about meetings, and things like the difference between a mission statement and a values statement. My suggestion is: Take the practice exams. I must admit that I did not (I usually score a 3 by just doing the course and reviewing the ATI book - again, though, ATI book for leadership has little relevance to the exam).
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    Know your TCAs, SSRIs, antipsychotics -- all the standard stuff. Just know what they are, typical indications, and biggie side effects like EPS, etc.

    Also, know the typical manifestations of the various disorders and the typical treatments.

    Read up a bit on the roles involved in group therapies.
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    Thanks for the advice, do you by any chance have any of the cods for the practice test? I did all the one's from my school and I heard the more you do, the easer is the test.
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    Does anyone have any codes or tips regarding the ATI mental health for LPN ? please help

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