Memory Care or Assisted Living?

  1. I am currently in training to work at an assisted living facility that has a special building for 'memory care' specifically for dealing with residents who have dementia or Alzheimers. There is a lot more hands on tasks in the memory care like dressing, bathing, feeding, and changing brief of residents since they can no longer do it themselves where as in assisted living you help with similar tasks but they are mostly capable of everything and just need someone there for their safety. I plan on working part time here as I go through nursing school and have to decide which side I want to work on.

    My question is would working in memory care provide me with experience more in line with what a nurse's responsibilities are?

    I feel like the assisted living side would be much easier to stay on top of school but I could really work either one but if memory care gets me more prepared for my future I'd probably pick that one.
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  3. by   Purple_Clover
    Honestly, doing ADLs is nice to become an expert at so you don't waste time having to learn from your mistakes when you're a busy nurse on the floor. However, you're probably going to work your ass off in those floors and deal with a lot of repetitive behaviors that can become... exhausting. If it were me I would pick assisted living because it will probably be easier work and less exhausting on top of school. When I worked in assisted living I even had time to study lol