Med-Surg ATI Comprehensive Final

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    I took my med surg comprehensive ATI final and failed by one question. We have a re-take in a few days and I'm extremely nervous because we have to obtain a level 2 or higher in order to pass the entire class (even though I have an A in the class, I will still fail if I don't pass the ATI) Our school takes med surg in 1 semester, 12 credit hours.. I was wondering if anyone has had to retake the med surg ATI final and how similar it was to the first exam. The exam I took and failed was EXTREMELY hard and detailed, most of the material wasn't covered during our course.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    My school uses ATI too. I am taking the med/surg one in a few weeks. I have found as well that ATI is absolutely nothing like what we are taught in school. Do you guys have the ATI med/surg book and the option to do the ATI med/surg practice tests and remediation on the ATI website?
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    We do a lot of ATI test at my school as well. There are practice questions on the site that are very helpful. Under my eLearning, there's three tabs (Practice assessments, proctored assessments, and tutorials), under tutorials click on Learning system RN. Also, you should be able to look at your results from your proctored exam you took in class. I like to print them off and re-read those chapters it tells me I'm weak in. (Sometimes it tells me to refer back to my fundamentals book) yikes! That med surg book is huge and it helps break it down. I'm about to take a maternal ATI test for our final this Thursday and you are right they are much harder than the questions your teachers make. However, I'm a firm believer if you can pass these ATI test with a level 2 or higher.. then you can pass the NCLEX. Good Luck!!
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    Yes I did all of those and they are nothing like the final... They definitely tried to trick you. I know 5 of my topics to review didn't even have the information in the book where it said it would be. Such a crappy indicator of student performance. Our instructor doesn't teach out of the ATI book, so it was completely up to us to study it. Good luck on yours! Study the endocrine system and cardiac for sure!
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    Yeah I have never been a fan of ATI, but it is much better than what my school did previously (HESI). It just sucks that we can't use it as a prep tool for the NCLEX... instead it can affect our grade and hold us back. I've heard that the NCLEX is much easier than ATI. I love my Saunders book - it was recommended to me by several new nurses. Nursing School = Survival
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    I took it and got a level 3 on it and I can tell you ATI is all about if you know how to answer their questions. Don't let extra stuff in the question throw you off, most of time it is just asking you to prioritize and stuff. I did think it was a lot like the practice tests. Good Luck!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone... I have several NCLEX books and it does seem a lot easier than ATI. The questions are so tricky, it's not that I don't know the material, I can practically recite the ATI book lol. But our ATI can hold us back, I would much rather it count as a grade...I finished with all A's last semester and this semester and the thought that one exam can hold me back is treacherous. I take it Friday, so I will let everyone know how it goes!
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    Also make sure to read the Med Surg ATI book from front to back! I know 1200+ pages is a ton, but the content will come from the e-book!
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    Hey this is probably much later then when you retook the ATI but I am in the same boat...I failed by 2 questions however and if I do not pass on the retake they give you an automatic failure and I get kicked out of the Nursing program my senior year. I am sooo nervous but I wanted to know if you already took the retake and how you did, was it similar to the original one? If you can be any help I would greatly appreciate it!!!
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    Moderator's friendly reminder: Please do NOT offer to exchange portions of these test study guides (whether HESI or ATI). This is in violation of copyright. All such posts will be removed. Thank you

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