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LOVED first reading assignment for OB

  1. 4 First reading assignment was about the physical and psychological changes a woman goes through!!! I actually could sit still and read it the entire 20 pages without getting up!! Not like me at all!! Could this mean this should be my field of interest?? I hope this means good grades too.... )
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    OB was our last unit last quarter and I absolutely loved it! I actually had to do the reading weeks before we even started because my first rotation of the quarter was in the birth center and I got to go back on my last day of clinical as well. I rocked the exam for that unit and got a level 3 on the ATI for it as well. If you love it you will most likely do well. Have fun!
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    I'm two quarters away from OB but I imagine that a topic that consumes you as such would mean that you are developing an interest in it. Good luck in your OB class :P
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    I can't wait till OB clinical! I can see myself in OB! You definitely found your interest

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