Looking for Summer 2013 externship or intership programs

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    Please help! I am desparately trying to get an externship/internship lined up for this coming summer. I am a junior BSN student. I will graduated in December of 2013 so this is my last summer to get some experience. I live in Northern California, but I am willing to travel anywhere as long as housing is provided or subsized within the program. I am even willing to do an aboard program if it is not too costly and really good hands on experience. Does anyone know, heard, or completed any good summer externship/intership programs? Thank you in advance for your help!
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  3. by   medicmatt44
    I am in the same situation regarding summer externship for 2013. Commenting to move this post higher in the thread.

    I can't imagine that a Nurse Externship would provide a student nurse with housing (although that would be nice).

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I know that externships are quite competitive, so fellow students may not want to provide us in with information- which could potentially decrease their own chance of selection.
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    I am graduating in May 2014 but also am eligible for a externship/internship. I looked into mayo clinic, they have the application open now. It offers very good xpience(I have heard) and is a great program, they offer good pay, excellent skills opportunities, and housing if needed. I think you should check into your local hospitals too and see if they have any opportunities. I know that there are some in my area but I am on the opposite side of the country and they recommend that you would work some hours during the school year so that they will be able to hire you when you graduated I haven't really found any more opportunities though.
  5. by   medicmatt44
    Here are some links regarding externships and hospitals that offer externships:




    Eastern - Nursing Externships and Service Opportunities - Guides at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

    Unfortunately (for me), the majority of externships are for students in a BSN program- I am currently in an ADN program at The University of New Mexico. Hope this helps and good luck
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    Same situation here, I heard externships and internships are hard to get in, if there is no luck, I will try shadowing.