Lesson learned today...

  1. 2 Learned a lesson today.

    1. I have to speak up for myself..(still working on appropriate times..) Don't rely on other people to speak up for me.
    2. Never ask a resident to train me how she wants things...Ask the staff instead..
    3. I must take care of my own self learning...
    4. Ask appropriate questions with detail...Shows I have done the work...
    5. Read and figure out before asking...
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    One thing: As part of their acute rehab, people with spinal cord injury are specifically taught how to teach and monitor caregivers in their specific areas of care. If you see one admitted to a hospital and he tells you he does it this way, you should do it that way unless somebody with good SCI experience tells you (and him) that it's dangerous, and why. Exception: anything normally requiring sterile technique, because there are more infectious agents in hospitals and many things we do with sterile tech in hospitals are done with clean technique at home.

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