leaving job as cna to return later as rn??

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    hello all,

    i have a little dilemma. i am currently entering my final year in nursing with graduation date of december '13 and found a job as a cna at a local hospital to set my foot in the door so that i can have a job once i graduate. well, im quickly realizing that this part time job is going to put a strain on my studies. basically the days i am not in school are the days i will be working 8 hours. i figured make it work by using any opportunity to study as much as i can and stick with the heavy schedule but last semester i didn't have a job and i still struggled with the work load. im comtiplating, finishing up my summer job and when class restart in september, i will drop the job.

    im afraid however because in this economy, employers dont want to hire inexperienced nurses and being a cna, lpn or pca is the best way to get a job after school. should i stick it out for 4 months when school starts or go ahead and leave the job and attempt to reapply as a nurse once i graduate? can i even do that or would HR laugh at me?

    thank u all
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    I just did the same thing because I won't be able to handle the stress of work and school. Dont worry about finding a job when you graduate - you will, and you have a little bit of experience too. I worked as a PCT for 4 months, and I'm not stressed or worried about it.
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    Have you thought about going PRN when school starts back up? I had a friend who just graduated from Nursing school and she got hired in the same dept I currently work at as a PRN PCT and she worked maybe once a month to keep her status. Being a PCT worked for her at the end because prior to graduating she applied for an ICU internship position and go it without an interview. Good luck
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    If it's only 4 months, have you asked HR if you can take a leave of absence from your job and be allowed to return upon graduation from your program? Sometimes employers will grant leave of absence for short time periods (usually less than a year).

    Otherwise, I would do as the poster above suggested and ask about being moved to as-needed status.
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    I would love to do prn but u have to b employed for 6 months prior to requesting status change. Don't think Tue less than friendly hr will even grant that to me.
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    It doesn't do you much good to have your foot in the door as CNA if you can't handle the studying schedule and miss out on your RN.

    You will find a job after college. Don't compromise your education by putting the cart before the horse.