Lab and Diagnostic Tests Guides?

  1. 0 In one of my syllabi it says that we need a "Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests Guide (any publisher)". What are some good ones that are out there?
    Do those type of books include NANDA information or would I have to purchase a separate diagnosis book for that? There are too many books...I'm confused.
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    two that i have are:
    • mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference by kathleen deska pagana and timothy james pagana
    • davis's comprehensive handbook of laboratory and diagnostic tests with nursing implications by anne m. van leeuwen, todd r. kranpitz and lynette smith.
    • there is some lab information in the medical dictionaries
    there are free online resources as well:
    there are a number of ways to acquire nursing diagnosis reference information .
    • your instructors might have given it to you.
    • you can purchase it directly from nanda. nanda-i nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2007-2008 published by nanda international. cost is $24.95
    • many authors of care plan and nursing diagnosis books include the nanda nursing diagnosis information. this information will usually be found immediately below the title of a nursing diagnosis.
    • the nanda taxonomy and a medical disease cross reference is in the appendix of both taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary and mosby's medical, nursing, & allied health dictionary
    • there are also two websites that have information for about 75 of the most commonly used nursing diagnoses that you can access for free:
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    I am pre-nursing but am taking a labratory and diagnostics class. Mosby's was recommended. I haven't really done any in depth reading into it yet since class starts next week but I did thumb through it and read a little. So far, I think it's pretty good. It's organized very well and very understandable. Good luck!

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