Just need a little motivation!

  1. I am 31 a mother of 5 and #6 will be here in 8 weeks. I eat,sleep and breath nursing. I don't think there is anything I want more. I don't know if its my hormones talking or if I really feel this way, but I have been reading a lot of articles about how hard school is and the percentage of dropouts. There is a lot of negative talk at school about how most of us will not graduate. I know it will get harder and I wouldn't expect anything less than that( it is nursing school). I feel like giving up at times like whats the point. Have any of you ever felt this way? How did you get your motivation back? Thanks.
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  3. by   julz68
    I'm 40 and a mother of 4. I had to work full time up until my last year of school. It was a huge challenge to work while going to school, but an even bigger one when I went PRN so I could have more time to study. The financial stress was so overwhelming. Then last October, my husband got laid off from his job. Here we were, living on his very small unemployment check, having to take our kids to a free clinic when they were sick, having to go to the food bank a couple times...we had no money for Christmas... I just felt like giving up and going back to work as a CNA full time again so we could at least LIVE! But graduation was in Dec and I was so close. With the encouragement of our friends and family I went on to graduate. Family helped with some bills, church helped with some groceries, friends were there to cry on their shoulders...
    For those of us who have families to support while going to school, it is normal to want to give up at times. We were struggling BIG TIME! But I tried to look at the big picture and how much better off we would be after I was done with school. I pressed on. I graduated in December, just took NCLEX last week and passed, had an interview at the local hospital on Friday..and my husband just found another job and starts this week. I'm so thankful I didn't throw it all away. It was tough, but I did it...and so can you! Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, even if its just needing someone to take care of your babies while you study once in a while. Don't worry about the housework or if the dishes aren't done. And always try to take time for just YOU!
    Good luck!
  4. by   Chicarocks123
    School was so hard!!! Towards the last few months I couldn't take it anymore, I started having bad anxiety even one severe panic attack. But NOTHING feels better than walking across that stage and looking at your parents/family clapping proudly. When I felt like giving up I just thought of that moment how it would feel. Also make some friends in case you miss a class that way you could borrow notes. Have a study buddy in case you don't undersatand material. Don't forget how proud you're going to feel and how proud everyone is going to be of you. As for the percentage of people not graduating, yeah it's somewhat true. The ones who dont study or make it their priority get weeded out pretty fast, but trust me you want them to its so frustrating to be in a classroom with someone who slacks, it makes you all get behind, so as long as you want it bad enough and study hard don't worry