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Hello everyone! Hopefully this is the right forum to post in. I just wanted to share my excitement in that I was just accepted to Nursing School! Orientation is Monday and I will begin in the... Read More

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    LoL!!! All of the Joy you guys are sharing is Infectious!!! I am sitting here Grinning like a Fool!! . I remember this time last year, I was exactly where you are and it really is exhilarating!! It will pass though :uhoh21:. If I may offer a bit of advice, Purchase a Nursing Fundamentals Review Book and begin to Familiarize yourself with the content. You will start class already ahead and with an understanding of the Nursing Process, Care plans, and Nursing Theory. Congratulations again to you all for making it into Nursing School!!
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    That is awesome! Congrats!!! The reward in the end is going to be the best feeling in the world! What nursing school are you going to if you don't mind me asking? And is it a day or night program?
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    congratulations!!!! I will start next semester, too!

    Good luck and looking forward to celebrating many successes and milestones together!

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    congratulations!!!! =)
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    Quote from ashley_armata
    That is awesome! Congrats!!! The reward in the end is going to be the best feeling in the world! What nursing school are you going to if you don't mind me asking? And is it a day or night program?
    I'm at a local community college program in Connecticut, and it's a day program (although I signed up for evening clinicals). I'm super excited--just had orientation on Monday and we already have our first assignment: read a total of 14 chapters between 3 books by the first day of class

    I just hope I do well. I am so nervous that I won't be able to recall anything I learned from Chemistry, Math (conversions for Med Math), or even basic A&P. I've actually had sleepless nights over this, but I'm trying to tell myself not to stress out--there will be plenty of time for that during Nursing School
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    Quote from shortnorthstudent
    Congratulations! I'm nearly finished with my first term and boy has it been a fun, crazy ride!

    Best of luck! Spend some time now getting your life in order and getting yourself on a good workable schedule so you don't have to stress about the little things come spring.
    Excellent advice! I already have switched my work schedule and have all of my big house projects completed. I even chose evening clinicals so my sleep schedule would be the same as my current work schedule (2nd shift). Congrats on finishing your first term!
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    Quote from mzchas
    Congrats!! I start Jan. 2nd.

    I don't plan to get an engraved steth until graduation, which will be in 15 mons. I want mine to also have ",RN" after my name. For now I'm lucky to have many family nurses, so a very good steth cost me $0!
    I just didn't want mine to grow legs and walk away
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    Quote from CNA Sam
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I was you a few shorts months ago. I was saying "Whoo hoo I got into absn program!" Now I'm 2 weeks away from being done with the first of four semesters. Enjoy this "honeymoon phase". Nursing school sucks, but I love it. You have worked so hard for it, and don't stop working hard until you graduate!

    Remember on exams... two or more answers are right BUT you must select the best answer.
    Also, ignore the classmates who...
    1. Slack and still ace everything
    2. Obsess over getting A's in everything
    3. those who cram (not a good idea)
    Good luck!

    Also excellent advice, thank you! I'm unfortunately one of those kids who obsess over getting A's in everything, but I'm not expecting to in Nursing school. I'm learning how to NOT stress over these things (I even woke up at 2 in the morning spazzing out over the fact that I may not be able to wear a wrist watch, hahaha!)

    And yes, I have heard my friend's gripe over the "best answer" situation. Thanks for the warning as well, haha. Good luck with the rest of Nursing!