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Hello everyone! Hopefully this is the right forum to post in. I just wanted to share my excitement in that I was just accepted to Nursing School! Orientation is Monday and I will begin in the Spring Semester. This has been... Read More

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    Quote from CNA Sam
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I was you a few shorts months ago. I was saying "Whoo hoo I got into absn program!" Now I'm 2 weeks away from being done with the first of four semesters. Enjoy this "honeymoon phase". Nursing school sucks, but I love it. You have worked so hard for it, and don't stop working hard until you graduate!

    Remember on exams... two or more answers are right BUT you must select the best answer.
    Also, ignore the classmates who...
    1. Slack and still ace everything
    2. Obsess over getting A's in everything
    3. those who cram (not a good idea)
    Good luck!

    Also excellent advice, thank you! I'm unfortunately one of those kids who obsess over getting A's in everything, but I'm not expecting to in Nursing school. I'm learning how to NOT stress over these things (I even woke up at 2 in the morning spazzing out over the fact that I may not be able to wear a wrist watch, hahaha!)

    And yes, I have heard my friend's gripe over the "best answer" situation. Thanks for the warning as well, haha. Good luck with the rest of Nursing!

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