Jobs that you can get while in college that would look good for job resume?

  1. I currently hold a part time job at Wendy's during the summer and winter during college (I am currently a freshman)

    Are there any jobs that I can get now that require little to no training and have at least something somewhat to do with nursing? I feel like it would look nice on a job application if held some sort of healthcare job rather than fast food...

    I am looking to go into Psychiatric Nursing if that helps
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  3. by   old_dude
    Each state has different requirements, however, in my state, the state run psych hospitals do not require any training or experience to work as a med tech (CNA type work). I know because my last job before Nursing School was in the HR dept. of a state psych hosp. Your mileage may vary. :P

    You may want to look into a local state hospital. I must warn you though that these are the most under paid/over worked people in the state MH system.
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  4. by   HouTx
    Unless you are in dire need of the wages, I would recommend that you focus on your classes instead of working. You absolutely NEED that stellar GPA. Then, when you get started in clinicals - apply for a PCT (CNA jobs that are designed for nursing students) position in one of the facilities where you are doing clinicals. That is the type of job/experience that will impress Nursing managers who are looking to hire a new grad.
  5. by   KelRN215
    Every state is a little different but after completing your first clinical rotation, I'd suggest applying to CNA positions.