Jobs for nursing students

  1. Hi guys,

    What are the kinds of jobs and jobs positions that are available for us current nursing students?
    Specifically, If you just finished your 3rd year of nursing and you need an immediate job to support your finances, what type of health care or health related job are you qualified? Thanks guys.

    David S.
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  3. by   k.morris
    You could be a CNA, but that doesn't always pay a whole lot. I was a nurse Extern at a hospital and got 13.00 an hr , now is a good time to apply for a Nurse Extern program somewhere, may be a little late, but call around . I would suggest calling hospitals and ask around....sometimes they will train you for unit secretery or something, just to get your foot in the door somewhere, because when you get your RN it is hard to get a job now and will be nice to have seniority somewhere.

    Goodluck....sorry Don't have too many suggestions for yah.
  4. by   swirlything
    Why limit yourself to healthcare while you're in school? I got through school teaching bellydance lessons... seriously. I know most people cannot do that particular job, but there are many options other than wiping back-sides and bathing people.
  5. by   SnowRain7489
    I sort of agree with swirlything. During my research of how to write a resume I read that it was a good thing to be a "well rounded" person. So if you are a nursing student, most likely you've done alot of the basic things CNAs do. However, if you've worked somewhere outside of healthcare, it shows that you don't ONLY know healthcare you have knowledge in other areas too. It is good though to maybe get your foot in a healthcare facility to possibly move up in that facility, maybe first starting out as a volunteer a couple of hours a week (while working elsewhere) then after you graduate you can work there as a RN - just a suggestion.
  6. by   dsingson5
    CNA really? Don't you have to apply to a different program other than BSN for it? Sorry, I'm not yet that familiar with health care jobs.
    And a unit secretary huh? OK I'll try to do some explorin'. Thank you k.morris.

    Yah, I was thinking about coaching soccer to kids. Maybe, I could put my hobbies in to some good use. Awesome.. Thanks swirlything.

    Volunteer work huh? I saw and found places that I could volunteer at and It looks pretty cool. There are places close in my area that needs some good volunteers. And with the times right now, volunteering can really help a lot of people. Thanks SnowRain.
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