Is anyone squeemish?

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    I'd really like to be a nurse, but I do have a bit of a needle problem...I don't like to get shots or watch it be done. Is this something that can easily be overcome after learning the technique or with practice?

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    I would venture to say yes. As you go through school, you just start to view these things through more clinical eyes, or at least I have. I don't see it as a needle, an arm, a stick, pain, blood etc. I am thinking about my technique. What comes next. Why I am doing it. How to be safe.

    I just don't use the "squeamish" pathways in my brain anymore.
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    RN2BDFW - Thank you for you're opinion. I was hoping it would be something I would work past, and instead focus on the job at hand, you know? The most invasive thing I've ever done was insert a NG tube in my son (he was a micropreemie) a few times. I did it fine, even though it felt a bit creepy at first.
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    If you can learn to do that on your own child, you can definitely learn to do things on/for your patients. You will be thinking about the benefit of the treatment or test, not about the momentary discomfort. I am betting you will do fine.
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    Thank you for the encouragement! You definitely made me feel more confident in myself
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    You will soon learn that it doesn't hurt you one bit when you give someone else a shot

    I saw that on Trauma Life in the ER when someone was being asked if they are nervous to give shots.
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    StangGang - I've never seen Trauma Life in the ER, I'll have to watch it sometime.
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    Quote from studentmommakt
    StangGang - I've never seen Trauma Life in the ER, I'll have to watch it sometime.
    It's on Discovery Health channel, they have lots of good shows on there
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    I watch a few shows on the Discovery Health channel, just haven't seen that show yet. I'll keep an eye out, thanks!
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    I have been covered in amniotic fluid, had to stick my arm up to the elbow into a vagina and uterus fishing for a retained placenta, thrown up on, hemorrhaged on... but what makes me gag? Emptying a bed pan or bedside commode with a well-formed BM in it that stinks or suction thick mucous from someone's throat after they've coughed up a good chunk. I'm doing everything I can not to gag, choke, or let on that I am about to toss my cookies.

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