1. So, I am ALMOST done with my nursing degree (RN). I have two finals left & then a week-long NCLEX prep course (thru Kaplan). I am expecting to sit for the NLCEX in mid-August.
    I have been putting in applications EVERYWHERE & I have 2 interviews coming up, & I am extremely nervous.
    They are both on Monday (why did I do that, LOL); one is in OB (not really my field of choice, but it's still babies! LOL) & the other is in a telemetry unit.

    I am really nervous, & wondering what to expect.
    Should I brush up on my knowledge of the hospitals?
    Should I brush up on OB & telemetry?
    What are they going to ask me?
    Should I bring my resume & a cover letter, even though they already have both?

    This is my first "big girl" job, but I've been in the medical field for awhile. SO NERVOUS.

    I had a phone interview which went very well, but I think that was a fluke.
    I know I need to work on my confidence, but I am so shocked I got called.....the job market isn't the best around here but I guess they liked what they saw

    Anyway, I would appreciate any help anyone could give me
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  3. by   DisneyNurseGal
    Always bring multiple copies of your resume on good quality paper. Even if they printed them, they might have bad resolution or the company many not have made enough copies for everyone sitting in on the interview.

    Educate yourself about the company. I have been asked in interviews before "tell me what you know about our company"

    It has been my experience that then the interviewer asks "do you have any questions", make sure to ask questions! You can ask about nurse to patient ratios, what shift they are hiring for. I always have 5-6 questions prepared ahead of time and ask them 3 or so of them.

    It was not a fluke. You can do this!! BE POSITIVE Good luck
  4. by   dawniepoo
    The nursing interviews in our area are usually with other nurses or managers who ask you a series of clinical questions. If I were interviewing for a job on an OB floor, I would brush up on my OB skills and scenarios. Good luck!
  5. by   AgentBeast
    You've got your basic "tell me about yourself" that pretty much everyone asks.

    You should expect to be asked what made you go into nursing, and what made you want go into whatever x specialty. Expect to be asked about the types of patients you cared for and experiences you had as a nursing student. Most everyone asks where you see yourself in 5 years too.
  6. by   KJDaRN81
    Great tips, everyone, thank you so much! I definitely need to brush up on my OB!