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I'm applying for two different programs. One is an adn and the other is a absn. I hear a lot on here about the intensity of nursing school and if adn programs are so intense how much worse is an absn... Read More

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    I just want to clarify, not all the people that do ABSN are experienced but many are.

    My point is more geared towards people who do not have a Bachelors or anything. My program director made a great point for an ADN program versus a BSN program. With a Bachelors program you get 2/4 years into the program before you even touch a patient, where as an ADN program you touch a patient about 3 weeks into the program. This is good in people without experiences benefit because they can decide almost immediately if they enjoy nursing or not. My program lost many students because they werent into the field of nursing or decided it wasnt for them. Those people who decide first semester and switch to say education or business only spent 1 semester perusing it as compared to 4 semesters.

    And price wise I think there close, the difference I see being that with an ADN you can work during the second 2 years, meaning less financial aid or loans are needed. The BSN allows you to advance to an MSN at a faster pace than an ADN, however, there are many RN-MSN programs out there, so not too much of a difference.

    What i would say it comes down to is comparing the prices, how long you want to spend in school, your pace of learning, and howyour family life plays into your schooling (having kids vs not)

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