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Nursing school is a lot of work - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. For the most part, you are reading on a daily basis, studying for what seems like an endless journey, you no longer have... Read More

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    That's why when you get paid oh so much you pamper yourself. Get a facial or a massage. or your hair colored and styles. Keep yourself up. dont forget to put yourself first which is the most important thing.. Sleep as well

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    Lemon-aid by Benefit is a great dark shadow concealor. The yellow tint works well to cover purple/blue shadows on fair skin. I've accumulated quite the stock of headbands and ponytail holders to keep the mess contained. I've sacrificed cute hair to please the nursing school gods, and get an extra 20 minutes of sleep!
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    Now wait a minute.......that's what I look like now, after 15 years of nursing! (Well, minus the five o'clock shadow.) When I get up in the morning, I look like hammered oop:......then I primp and fluff and put on some face, so by the time I get to work I look like regular oop:. What's an old nurse gonna do, eh?
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Just a musing here....howcum all the students in these cartoons are male? :
    • edit: I have No IDEA how those HTML codes appeared.
    maybe cause men can't power up and hide their dark circles i guess, but women know all about how to look good.
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    i'm a 3rd year student already have the zombie eyes .... waiting .... for the full turn over !! LOL !!
    what an honer to give my life 4 nursing <3

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