ICU Preceptorship, hopefully resulting in a job

  1. Hi All! I am starting a 135 hour preceptorship (4th semester ADN) in a Trauma ICU. I would really like to make a good impression with both the nurses and the management, so I will hopefully be hired after graduation. For those of you that have had a student before, is there anything that drives you crazy or irritates you, other than the clich "know it all" or lazy students? How about networking without being too pushy? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   blackandyellow
    I work in an ICU as a CNA and am in my last semester of nursing school. What impresses the people that I work with is students that are not afraid to get involved and are assertive. We have some students that are too nervous and afraid of doing many simple tasks. The best students are those that get involved. Sometimes we get busy and forget that students are there it is important for students to take the initiative and if you see something interesting happening ask if you can help or watch. I got offered a job in an ICU after doing several clinicals from doing what I said earlier but I was also comfortable in that type of setting which the staff kept pointing out. Good luck!
  4. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    What I like to see is a student who is a team player. And also don't be so absorbed in doing all the "hard skills" and never offer to bathe, toilet, or change sheets. Most ICU nurses don't have a lot of tech help, and it's amazing how much time an extra hand changing a bed can save.

    Be thankful and remember names.

    Oh and congrats and have fun!!
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  5. by   boogalina
    Get to know the supply room well...lots of little parts that you may need in a hurry. If there are CNAs/techs, be good to them...they will pay you back in help and hustle. Learn from your RT's - they are a wealth of information on respiratory stuff, which you will see a great deal of in the ICU.
  6. by   RileyRN2013
    Thank you all for the great advice!