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Hi guys, I am in second semester of nursing school. I failed my first quiz (it was math) I got a 63. I was fine because my professor drops one. Okay, then I failed the 1st med surg quiz! i was so... Read More

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    Quote from mr cooper
    For me what has helped is writing on note cards some pathophysiology, etiology, medications and nursing management for each disease. Writing it down on a small card forces you to pick the important stuff and you'll skim over the fluff. When it comes to the tests I have a few rules I think about before I pick an answer. First I ask myself if it is an assessment question. Check the answers and see if there are any answers that relate to assessment. For instance, I had a question that was about a patient calling you're clinic with diarrhea and asking what to do for it. 3 answers were intervention focused, one was assessment focused. The assessment answer was the right one even though the 3 intervention answers sounded good. Remember the nursing process since it will guide how you answer scenario based questions. You need to decide where in the process you are being dropped off and act from there.

    Secondly I try to think about priorities. Priority questions are tough, but you can pick the right answer by what is most emergent. What condition, if not taken care of first, can lead to a patient going down the drain or lead you to backtracking and wasting time. If you tell yourself "I'll do answer B first and then do something else" that answer is wrong. The answer needs to be an end point that closes the scenario instead of leading you to make up a story about what happens next.

    Another common question type are delegation questions. Remember that CNA's can't do anything except take measurements and record them. They can't interpret, assess or do anything like that. That is the nurse's job. The word "assess" may be used to trick you. Assess has a very specific meaning, it does not mean to just observe. A CNA can't assess, remember that. They record and measure. That is all.

    And finally medications... for that you really should learn classes of drugs, not individual drugs. Drugs in a class generally have a similar sounding suffix or prefix. Memorize the protype drugs side effects and a few ones outlined in the book, but as far as memorizing individual drugs, don't. I am finishing up my first Med-Surge class. Its in a 12 month program so the class is 5 weeks. I've slowly improved my scores each test using my rules. The thing is, you need to stick with them and know they work. I've answered some questions where I picked an answer not because I felt it was right but because it made sense when thinking about the nursing process or priorities. Even though I did not want to pick them because they felt "off", I made myself pick them and they ended up being right. Good luck.
    Reading this have given me so much encouragement. I am also taking med-surg and I have my first exam this Monday. U hit everything on the nose and it sounds like u have already begun to think like a RN. Appreciate your post and the pointers I believe they will be helpful for upcoming exams. Thanx!!!😄
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    Quote from 2bnursekis
    Hi guys, I am in second semester of nursing school. I failed my first quiz (it was math) I got a 63. I was fine because my professor drops one. Okay, then I failed the 1st med surg quiz! i was so depressed when i saw it. I mean when I saw that tears came down to my eyes. I READ EVERYTHING! WORD BY WORD. I do not know how to study for med surg anymore. i cry all the time and feel SO worthless. The other day I stayed home crying all day and did not go to school. I was an A student in HS. This is why I feel sooo bad! I really want to pass. The math quiz i thought i WOULD PASS because I studied for it. BUT THE MED SURG?! I killed myself for that. I keep asking everyone how they made through med surg. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME! I have felt like just leaving and I dont know... disappear.
    To the OP hang in there I know it will get better. Do not let one quiz get the best of u. Stay strong and encouraged because as future nurses we need to be strong for the weak. Take the advice that mr.cooper gave and see how that helps u I am doing the same. Stay blessed

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