I need a reboot! Overloaded with nursing school...

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    I don't know what it is but this one just cracks me up.

    Have you ever found yourself just staring at the wall?

    What have you done to give yourself a "reboot"?

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    Found myself staring at the wall MANY A TIMES! Although if I got confused about something, I would just google something and try and find it worded in a different manner in a way that made sense to me! Thank god for the internet nowadays! I don't know how the nurses made it before the "PRE-INTERNET/COMPUTER" ERA. To give myself a re-boot, I would just go on Facebook and play my favorite game for a bit, lol. Then I would feel bad about it, and just get back to studying! See thats the thing when you are a nursing student--- when you do something that doesn't involve nursing at home, you start to feel guilty about it! LOL. Can anyone relate???
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    Quote from brian

    I don't know what it is but this one just cracks me up.

    I think its the tongue, lol.
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    What have you done to give yourself a "reboot"?


    Intense crying spells for a hot 15 minutes usually work pretty well. Then I can just crank out work for a few hours until I have another one.
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    I stop what I'm doing, get into bed and either take a nap or watch a crappy reality TV show! Works everytime! After that I'm good for another 6 - 8 hours
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    Go for a run or bike ride.
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    play WOW for an hour, kill some people or get killed few times, feel much better after.
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    Pinterest. I do what I call a "pinning spree" and see how many things I can repin in 5 minutes. Its good to focus on something other than homework for a few minutes. Then back to it!
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    I have to say, "this is absolutely true", I've actually thought I'd injured brain cells! Love the cartoon, I giggled out loud! Thank you!
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    Loved this one. Thanks for the laugh. I have felt like this several times.

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