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I don't know what it is but this one just cracks me up. :D Have you ever found yourself just staring at the wall? What have you done to give yourself a "reboot"? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this... Read More

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    This made me giggle. I need a reboot, too.

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    I've woken up from a little "snooze" where I'm pretty sure I looked just like that. But if I'm proactive, I go for a run, study some more, then make it all the way to the bed!
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    Quote from RNGRAD2013
    I have to say, "this is absolutely true", I've actually thought I'd injured brain cells! Love the cartoon, I giggled out loud! Thank you!
    hehe. after each careplan i would complain i killed half my brain cells. i could barely function after those!

    to reboot I listened to 'strong' music. either dramatic soundtracks (Hans Zimmer mostly) or singers w/ powerful voices. or i'd just blast the music and kill some of my hearing
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    Daily walks help me.
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    I so can relate to this cartoon !!! (=

    What I do to "reboot" I find if I take a nap or go play on bejeweled for a little while then I start to feel guilty for playing and get back to studying.
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