I landed a job!

  1. 0 I graduate this coming July (if all goes well).

    Today I accepted a position on the L&D unit. This is actually a rotating position...all the nurses rotate through L&D, nursery and post partum. I orient for 4 months so that schedule will be a little rough since I have little ones at home. The orientation isn't always done on your shift so those 4 months will be a variety of shifts from what it sounds like. That will be very rough but it's like that pretty much everywhere so we have to deal with it.

    The shift I accepted...3 12 hours shifts per week. The weekends...every 3rd. I'm doing 7p to 7a so there's a nice shift differential (they do a percentage of your pay...not a flat rate so that will be nice down the road).

    Just celebrating!

    I'm very excited to have landed a job as a student on L&D and for 3 12 hour shifts.
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    Woot! Congrats!
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    AHHHHHHH... my DREAM JOB! Really, a big CONGRATS to you!!!
    I am hoping an opportunity like this will present when I graduate. :spin:
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    That is my dream job too,
    good luck with it!
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    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! :spin:
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    Congratulations!! That's exactly the job I hope to get myself
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    Congrats! I'm excited for you! Mind me asking where you live? I can't find one hospital in my area (Pgh & MD) hiring in L&D this early (they're overstaffed from 07 grads).
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    Quote from eager1hasbegun
    Congrats! I'm excited for you! Mind me asking where you live? I can't find one hospital in my area (Pgh & MD) hiring in L&D this early (they're overstaffed from 07 grads).

    I'm in a Philadelphia suburb.

    The hospital does 3600 births per year and is growing. I think they told me they had 8 openings for new grads...maybe it was 12. Now certainly these could be taken by employees from other departments first. Positions are opened to current employees and when they expire they open to the general public. I go to their school is I have a little priority but they don't give it that much to be honest.

    The department keeps growing so they have open spots. It's the main hospital for the area (1 other that some might tell me is up there...but it's not).

    I don't know how other hospitals are doing as far as positions.

    So the other thing that excites me is that I will be in L&D department with a busy L&D. 3600 per year isn't too bad!
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    I just sent you a PM.

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    Congrats Im sooooo happy for you. I wish you all the luck and life time of success.

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