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    This week in clinical I took on three patients for the first time, yay! It was a crazy hectic day that gave me a better idea of how to manage my time and make better use of my time. Overall it was a great day. In the morning I was furiously scribbling 3 sets of labs for my last care plan of the semester (YAY!!!) and I wrote something that now makes no sense for me to interpret. On our care plans we have a space for "Other labs, x-rays, EKG's etc" where we can write down things that were not listed on our regular labs page. This is what I wrote: "Plt reaction 236" and then underneath (so a related value) "% inhibition 34 L", the L meaning 34 was a low value. I have NO idea what Plt means! It's not platelets because that is on our regular lab value page and I have different values for this patient. Does anyone know what this means? I am embarrassed to email my professor this question at the end of the semester, please help!!!

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    primed lymphocyte test?

    Did the pt have a transplant?
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    Thanks for the reply! She just had her pacemaker moved from one side of her chest to the other...kind of like a transplant. Neither of my lab books talk about this test so I might have to email her anyways, but at least now I don't look completely clueless! Thanks!
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    this has got to be it! thank you so much for steering me in the right direction!

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